Cloud Solutions FAQ

Still have concerns about cloud computing?  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions around this technology.

Q: Is my data safe in a cloud environment?

A: As with any computer technology, be it with your local computer or on the cloud, you need to ensure you are taking the proper precautions to safeguard your critical business data.  With these proper precautions, your data is as safe in the cloud as it is on your desktop.  Better still, most cloud solutions offer backup options which your local computer may not provide.

Q: Won’t it cost more to run things on the cloud?

A: There is no single right answer to this question. Each business and situation is different.  That is why it’s important to partner with a company, such as cloud solution experts, to guide you through the process and select the best options for your business and your situation.  A good IT company will take the time to look not only at your current needs and operations but where you intend to grow and find a solution that over time will save you money and headache!

 Q: Don’t things run slower in a cloud environment?

A: Actually quite the contrary. If the cloud environment is setup properly and properly sized and your local IT infrastructure has been setup correctly, you should see a performance improvement.  Cloud solutions often are located at server farms, which are a large number of very powerful servers working together.  With that much horsepower, they can process and deliver content much faster and scale to your needs.

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