Data Management

In an information rich world, data is one of the key commodities of any modern company.

This is especially true for a Contract Research Organization (CRO) within the pharmaceutical industry where the primary product is the information collected from clinical trials. Information that is not only data-rich but vital to the competitive advantage of the research drug.

One of the biggest issues with large data is how to properly size and store such vast amounts of information. In addition to the initial setup, as the company grows, so does the demand for space. Partnered with cloud computing, we delivered within this data-intensive environment a configuration that met several key requirements:

  • Deployment of several multi-terabyte storage devices capable of handling the growth of the company for several years
  • Migration of large quantities of data with no data loss and minimal interruption to daily business
  • High-speed secure access to transfer large amounts (several gigabytes at a time) of data “instantaneously” between database and desktop
  • Minimized physical space requirements for servers through virtualization and IBM Blade servers
  • Strict patient disclosure regulation of ensuring patient data remained within the country
  • 99.9% up time on servers in a 24×7 operation
  • Monitor space consumption to ensure “we never run out”

In this time of economic downturn, server issue was able to deliver all of the above key components while remaining within budget and meeting deadlines.

networking issues worked closely with internal IT organizations in a larger corporate structure to ensure clear communications of needs and continued operations. With this strong infrastructure, pharmaceutical computing provided this CRO with the ability to work across two different provinces and the US and market their data reliability as one of the key assets to their customers.

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