Cloud Solutions

Wouldn’t it be great to have super hero powers and just zap your computer systems and make them all magically perfect?

Cloud computing is pretty close to being this awesome these days.  With the rising costs of fuel/transportation, property, and utilities, cloud computing offers some pretty sexy opportunities for businesses of all sizes.

How sexy can it be?

Cloud can mean many different things depending upon what your business is about and what you need.  It can take over practically every part of your computer needs or only small bits.  In other words, it is flexible!  To give you some ideas, here are some of the environments we’ve established with other businesses like yours:

Canadian Based Remote Backup

A lawyer’s office had years of data and huge files that they needed to ensure would not be lost.  Because of the nature of their information, all of it needed to remain within Canada.  (A major MUST for anyone dealing with HIPPAA compliant data.)

They didn’t want to have these huge computers just sitting around in their basement. What if there was a fire? What if something happened to the office?

We were able to locate and establish a robust clouded solution (meaning the data doesn’t have to sit in their basement) that met all of their needs and provided them with the level of confidence and integrity they required for their legal business.

Enterprise Level Email

A client of ours was downsizing his business and no longer wished to maintain the expensive stand-alone Microsoft Exchange.  Yet, he still wanted all the functionality:

  • professional email address, not some generic Yahoo or Gmail account
  • integration with his existing Calendar and Contact list
  • ability to get all his emails on his Blackberry and other mobile devices
  • ability to see his email over the Internet

The solution was to set him up on a clouded email provider which gives him ALL the functionality of Exchange and none of the overhead. An added benefit, he was FASTER on this new email and had better spam protection.

Remote Work

A client had offices both here in Hamilton and in BC.  In the past, they would have to do a nightly “check-in” to copy files over and make sure each location had the information from the other.

Occasionally, they would run into problems when people from both sites touched a particular file.  They then had to reconcile the two files to figure out what changes were made and what the correct version of the document should be.

We set up a clouded environment which in essence shared the document in real-time between the two sites.  That allowed for them all to be working on the same set of documents and not worry about copying information over at the end of the day.