Server Consolidation

Does your server room look like something out of a science fiction movie with a pile of computers, lights, and wires everywhere?

If so, don’t despair. It means that your business has been growing. Congratulations!

As companies grow, so too do their computer needs. One of the biggest investments a company can make is installing their own servers. Generally, companies start needing a server because they want to have a central repository for all their important documents and have better control over their email communications.

An increase in business means a greater amount of information needs to be kept. Email storage will also increase. This used to mean purchasing more expensive servers on which to store everything. At save on IT budget, we can offer safe and secure alternatives that will allow your company to reduce overhead costs significantly.

save on IT budget has worked with several small businesses to drastically reduce their server footprints by:

  • Creating virtual environments to consolidate servers by 50% and up!
  • Deploying virtual communication models (Microsoft Exchange 2010) that enabled not only consolidation but also increased anti-spam management
  • Migrating companies to the Cloud to allow for more flexibility in working environments

By doing so, these companies were able to:

  • Reduce number of servers they had to maintain
  • Reduce time / cost required for monthly maintenance of physical devices
  • Reduce electrical cost as servers are always on 24×7
  • Reduce cooling needs (servers put out a lot of heat!)
  • Increase valuable office space
  • Increase flexibility of work environment
  • Increase redundancies and thus the ability to continue to keep working
  • Become a greener company

With all the advantages and advancements in virtualization, server consolidation just makes sense.

Is your company in a situation where your server room has become a rat’s nest? Give us a call today and maybe¬† server consolidation technicians can help you minimize your server footprint and maximize your IT investment. Or click the button below and fill in our quick form.

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